J&J Sales Training Game

Playing to Win

How Johnson & Johnson Found a Training Solution in Gamification
Project Type
Sales enablement program (game for iPad)
Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision



In order to sell TECNIS, a new line of cataract lenses and surgical equipment, all J&J Surgical Vision Sales reps needed to pass an FDA-required test. Preparing time-strapped team members, who had varying degrees of knowledge, for this critical exam was challenging. To ensure consistent training and test prep — and to maximize the reps’ engagement and learning — J&J needed to create an easy-to-use program that would get them ready for the test, fast.


With a new class of reps needing to be trained, Stoke had to move quickly, creating interactive materials that were efficient and effective. We proposed Jeopardy- and Mad Lib-style training experiences: content would walk reps through TECNIS intel and insights, quizzing them as they progressed. To boost engagement and test prep completion, games were designed for both in-person, group training, and self-directed learning.


Stoke’s gamified format was a hit with the reps. The games took the tedium out of test prep while helping trainees master the information they needed to pass the test with flying colors. Reps completed their required test prep in small groups and individually, directly on their mobile devices.

Now, J&J has a go-to system for getting reps up to speed on TECNIS, ensuring they’re ready to educate customers about the products and drive more sales, with less of a learning curve.

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