About Us

Stoke is a full-service digital marketing and creative content agency focused on B2B technology brands. With our core team and world-class global talent, we deliver experiences across all types of media. Then, using our proprietary analytics technology, we help you understand the impact on engagement and your bottom line.

AIGA logo representing Stoke's 17 awards from AIGA 100 show including best in show
17 awards From Aiga 100 show including best in show
Logo representing Stoke's work being published in Print Magazine regional design annual
work published in print magazine regional design annual
Logo representing Stoke as a winner in HOW magazine's international design annual
Winner in how magazine's international design annual
Logo representing Stoke receiving the Mocca Arts Award of Excellence from Society of Illustrators
Mocca Arts Award of excellence from Society of illustrators

Meet The Team

Headshot of Stoke Managing Parter David Acheson

David Acheson

Managing Director

Expert digital marketing executive with a track record in delivering results for leading brands. 

Headshot of Stoke Managing Parter Laurie Lohner

Laurie Lohner

Managing Partner

Marketing executive with 25 years of experience in branding, advertising, and marketing for Fortune 500 companies.

Stefanie Condie

Chief Content Strategist

Communications pro with 20+ years experience in brand, demand, and product marketing.

Headshot of Stoke Creative Director Brian Barrus

Brian Barrus

Creative Director & Chief Design Officer

Award-winning designer, art director, and creative director with 20+ years of experience.

Headshot of Stoke Sr Director of Sales Ruby Tugade

Ruby Tugade

VP of Sales & Business Development

Storytelling expert who helps Fortune 500 companies and creators succeed.

Headshot of Stoke Sr Director of Services Sarah Ekins

Sarah Ekins

Sr Director, Services

Expert project director with experience managing large-scale campaigns for industry-leading global clients. 

Headshot of Stoke Marketing VP Debbie Brannelly

Debbie Brannelly

Sales Director

Strategic enterprise partner, sales and business development manager, marketer and expert in data-driven programs.

Headshot of Stoke Chief Analytics Officer Sam Fonoimoana

Sam Fonoimoana

Chief Analytics Officer

Marketing analytics expert with 20+ years experience driving results for sales and marketing organizations.

Headshot of Stoke VP of Data Strategy Nate Jackson

Nate Jackson

VP, Data Strategy

Data-driven brand leader with a background in global marketing and product management. 

Headshot of Stoke Strategy Lead Liz Alton

Liz Alton

Strategy Lead

Content strategist and copywriter with expertise in technology, marketing, and customer experience.

Headshot of Stoke Art Director Hannah Davidson

Hannah Davidson

Sr Art Director/Studio manager

Experienced advertising/design art director. Collegiate-level visual merchandising instructor.

Headshot of Stoke Content Strategist Jaime Hollander

Jaime Hollander

Senior Marketing Strategist

Marketer, brand strategist, and copywriter with 15+ years of experience in media and publishing. 

Headshot of Stoke Marketing Manager Chris Miller

Chris Miller

Marketing Manager

Digital marketing expert utilizing a holistic approach to UX, strategy, and implementation.

Headshot of Stoke Technical Editor Josh Lohner

Joshua Lohner

Marketing Manager

Editor/proofreader with degrees from the University of Utah and the Eastman School of Music.

Headshot of Stoke Finance Manager Tyler Christensen

Tyler Christensen

Finance Manager

Spreadsheet engineer with an aptitude for numbers. Studied accounting at the University of Utah.

Headshot of Stoke Sr Art Director Josh Fronk

Josh Fronk

Sr Art Director

Award-winning illustrator/designer with 15+ years experience designing global campaigns.  

Headshot of Stoke Junior Designer Dasol Jeong

Dasol Jeong

Associate Designer

Dynamic designer and illustrator, originally from South Korea with a degree from BYU. 

Headshot of Stoke Associate Designer Preston Gull

Preston Gull

Associate Designer

Award-winning digital designer and illustrator, with a background in custom design and branding. 

Headshot of Stoke Editorial Strategist Sarah Burchett

Sarah Burchett

Editorial Strategist

Writer, editor, account manager, and communications strategist with 8 years of experience. 

Headshot of Stoke Publishing Manager Jennie Evans

Jennie Evans

Project Manager

Project manager with a keen capability to turn everything to gold and ensures projects exceed expectations.

Headshot of Stoke Intern Emily Fairchild

Emily Fairchild

Editorial Assistant & Writer

Experienced writer and editor for innovative B2B and B2C organizations.

Headshot of Stoke Technical Editor Stace Hall

Stace Hall

Technical Editor

Multifaceted editor with experience in news, marcom, and academia. Proficient in AP and APA.

Headshot of Stoke Web Developer Estella Carpenter

Estella Carpenter

Web Developer

Dynamic web developer with years of front- and backend experience for top brands. 

Headshot of Stoke Data Analyst Denise Verdugo

Denise Verdugo

Data Analyst

Data analyst experienced in API data-pulling and data attribution for enterprise companies. 

Allison Pond

Senior Content Strategist & Writer

Communications expert with 20 years of experience in journalism, media relations, and quantitative research.

Tamarra Kemsley

Content Strategist & Writer

Communications pro with 10+ years of experience as a reporter, writer, and content strategist.

Mikey Borup

Animator and Editor

Mikey is a Motion Graphics artist and Video Production professional for 10+ years. He is dedicated to his craft of creating amazing videos and animations. Mikey also runs a large YouTube tutorial channel and travels as an Adobe After Effects trainer.

Jason Jantzen

Animator and Editor

Jason Jantzen has been working in animation and visual FX for 10 years. He has an eye for quality and detail that elevates each project to a world class finished product. He is also the Keyframist /kē·frām·əst/: expert in keyframe animation.

Let's build something great together.

Animation stacking various abstract vector shapes to represent building up