Creative Design

Epic Experiences Powered by Dynamic Visuals

Where your imagination may trail off, ours is only just beginning — from a top-down creative refresh to bold imagery for your next campaign to a new digital experience altogether, our world-class talent-driven design studio does not stop working until we deliver beyond your expectations. And because we’re immersed in all things strategy, content, data, and fully able to visualize the big picture, we design deliverables that are aesthetically stunning impactful creative extensions of the story that elevates your brand, your campaign, your vision and the experiences sure to tether your customers to your company.

Video & Animation

Where Your Stories Come Alive & Capture Minds

By melding brilliant production and development — from scripting to design to editing and distribution — we create dynamic, engaging, on-brand video animation that awakens the inquisitiveness of viewers and mesmerizes them ‘til the end, and then back again (because a video worth making, is a video that better be worth watching again and again). Video provides the ultimate immersive experience that differentiates your company from the crowd and builds brand allegiance by elevating and deepening the journey of your customer.

Writing & Storytelling

Words that Anchor & Elevate Every Experience

Linking arms with your customers and stakeholders and guiding them through an intriguing, appealing and emotionally tethering journey is our greatest honor and a pillar of our agency existence. We know to our core that emotion leads to connection, and that connection leads to business success — that’s why we infuse powerfully written experiences into every website, blog, article, script, and social campaign, every time. Working together, we’ll identify and recommend the most strategic approach. We’ll construct the perfect words in the best format in order to build, refine, and share your targeted content with your ideal audience. Layering in the design and analytics to maximize the messaging and ensure it’s optimized from day one is the icing on the cake.

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The Roadmap to Campaign Success

By taking a strategic, well-researched approach to every project, every time, we deliver powerful experiences that drive people to take action. Our creative is informed by insights about your customers and competition, then purposefully designed to not just look and read well but to truly accelerate your business objectives — to help you meet KPIs and move the needle when and where it matters most. Because in today’s landscape, there’s no room for guess-and-check. Your customers demand relevant, meaningful, interesting experiences — and that’s where we come alive.

Paid Media

Finding and Activating Consumers with Intent

By weaving together the right content, creative, and data, we engage people thinking about, talking about, and searching for those companies who will best show them the way to their next purchase — and we’d love to make that be you. That’s how we approach paid media campaigns. We find and engage your ideal consumers at moments when their purchase intent and consideration are high — right when they’re most likely to lean in and click “buy now.”


Making the Most of Our Expertise — and Our Data

Creativity and passion are behind every step in the Stoke process. So is data.

Our integrated analytics solutions are designed for marketers, by marketers. With best-in-class solutions — Stoke Pulse, Stitcher, and more — we equip users to infuse their web analytics with meaningful business context, helping stakeholders with and without data backgrounds better visualize and analyze the customer journey from first touch to deal close.

Web Services

Architecting Diverse Digital Experiences

With a host of web services including eCommerce opportunities, full-stack web app development, mobile app creation, CMS-based sites, and more, we can create the ultimate digital experiences — buzz-worthy journeys marked by real-time data and dynamic creative, ensuring every moment is as unique as your individual customer.

Let's build something great together.

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