Momentive “What’s Your Decision Style?” Quiz

Momentive: Empowering Every Decision Maker

Supporting data-driven decisions with personally relevant content
Project Type
Social marketing program to drive brand awareness and engagement


Momentive — best known for its SurveyMonkey and GetFeedback products — delivers premium market research and insight-driven solutions to support decision-makers across a wide range of industries. In 2021, the company changed its name to Momentive. The marketing team came to Stoke for help in creating a social media program that would build awareness of the new brand.


Stoke dove in, creating a top-of-the-funnel campaign designed to drive new visitors to Momentive’s website. We developed a fun, interactive quiz that helped people understand their decision-making styles and guided them to relevant thought leadership content on Momentive’s website.

The quiz included ten multiple-choice questions. Based on their responses, quiz-takers were sorted into one of four decision styles: Builder, Innovator, Empathizer, or Investigator. Custom illustrations brought each style to life in a dynamic, memorable way.

After receiving their decision-making style and a brief description of their unique strengths, participants received an on-screen roundup of Momentive articles, eBooks, and tools tailored to their style. They were also invited to share their quiz results via social media, creating organic buzz and driving more people to the Momentive experience.


Quiz-takers — including marketing strategists, researchers, and organizational leaders — came away with insights into their decision-making preferences, plus strategies for making the most of their go-to approach. 

The quiz was one of the top traffic drivers to the website in November and December 2021. Additionally, many internal teams shared feedback that it was a hit among their team members and they were eager to share it with their clients and prospects, as well as their own social media followers. Overall, Momentive generated more than 700,000 brand impressions and nearly 4,000 clicks to the quiz.

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