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At Adobe MAX, Stoke produced a dynamic session that cut through the clutter and delivered massive engagement.

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Event Activation




Adobe MAX is a dynamic and competitive setting, with more than 100 sessions vying for the spotlight. During this event, Stoke faced the dual challenge of attracting attention and delivering a session that deeply engaged the audience with actionable insights participants could immediately apply to their business. At the same time, Adobe MAX presented an optimal opportunity to highlight Stoke’s thought leadership, innovation, and forward-thinking approach.


Stoke hosted a session, “Secrets to Building a Creative Team for the Future,” led by Adam Morgan, the Senior Director of Brand & Creative at Splunk and host of the Real Creative Leadership podcast. This session harnessed Stoke’s proprietary research, presenting rich insights and proven operational models sourced from leaders across Fortune 500 companies, creative agencies, and global brands. The strategy was to tackle vital issues such as team structure, communication, creativity, and growth, offering tangible solutions for enhancing the efficacy of creative teams.

During the session:

  • An engaging and informative presentation highlighting real-world examples and actionable insights
  • Interactive segments within the session to foster audience engagement and participation
  • Distribution of educational material and research findings to attendees for post-session reference

“Secrets to Building a Creative Team for the Future” ranked among the top 10 sessions at Adobe MAX, generating buzz and sparking conversions among attendees — and solidifying Stoke’s reputation in creative team building and leadership.


speaker score


session score
Attracted 240 attendees, making it the

most-attended session

Beyond the session:

  • Interactive booth at Adobe MAX, enabling participants an opportunity to meet Adam Morgan, Senior Director of Brand & Creative at Splunk before and after his popular live session
  • Opportunities to engage Stoke’s onsite team, ask questions, and swap creative challenges
  • Bold premiums and takeaways, which attendees quickly scooped up, including access to Adam’s session presentation

A Look at Adobe MAX 2023:

  • Adobe MAX overall had 136,600+ registrants, with 9,600+ in-person and 127,000+ online
  • The event saw 211M social interactions and a record press coverage with more than 1,347 articles globally, a 172% increase in US business press YoY
  • Stoke’s session contributed to these impressive numbers by drawing a significant portion of the in-person attendees and sparking online discussions

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