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Build Trust With Content Marketing

Gone are the days of in-your-face advertising and pushy salespeople. Modern consumers are informed, entitled, and don’t have time to waste. In other words, they know they have options, and they believe they deserve the best. Oh, and they would like it now.

At Stoke, we, like our clients, believe consumers do indeed deserve the best. But so many of our clients ask, “How do we show our audience that what we have to offer is valuable without making them feel like they’re being pushed?” Our answer: Effective content marketing.

At its best, content marketing is a way to share your message and build a trusting relationship with consumers at the same time. Quality content informs your audience, demonstrates to them the caliber of service you can offer, and is available for use on their own schedule.

Inform your audience

After reading recommendations on a blog, 61 percent of online consumers made a purchase. Why?

In the age of information, consumers are able to research products and services at an unprecedented level, all before they ever visit a business’ website or step into a store to make a purchase. This access to information has also changed the way consumers research. For instance, instead of searching, “umbrellas for sale”, the average buyer will instead search, “best umbrellas for traveling.”

Effective content-marketing positions businesses as experts and thought leaders, who offer suggestions and advice, rather than pushing products. When a potential customer reads your blog content, they are looking for reliable information. The more relevant and valuable information you can share to help inform their purchasing decision, the more likely they are to view your business as a trustworthy entity, and the more likely they are to then show an interest in your products.

Demonstrate quality by showing, not telling

People believe they deserve the best product or service available. Through content marketing assets like blog articles, infographics, videos, and social media posts, you can demonstrate first-hand why your offering is superior. The key is to let your product speak for itself.

For example, instead of a video all about how amazing your travel umbrella is (which could come off as in-your-face salesmanship), create a video that shares all the different aspects necessary for the perfect travel umbrella. At the end of the video, tell the story that an umbrella with all those elements does exist, and invite viewers to learn more about your product. They will respond warmly.

Make content available and timely

If there is one thing consumers don’t have a lot of, it’s time. One often overlooked benefit of content marketing is that once your content is created, it is there for potential customers to find whenever they are ready to research a product, or have questions they need answered. And content is always better received when it is on the viewer’s terms.

Build effective content, build trust

As you build your strategic arsenal of content, remember that you aren’t just making creative assets. You are developing evidence of your position as a thought leader and as an expert in your field, who is truly dedicated to providing your customers with the best. As you continue to show your determination for their satisfaction, consumers will be able to develop a relationship with your organization through the content you provide. Each piece of information and resource you share will help you create a relationship of trust with your audience. And trust leads to good business.

If you’re ready to develop your own effective content marketing strategy, check out how Stoke can help.