Adobe Experience League Game

Learning — and winning — with Adobe Experience League

A familiar game show format sparked engagement with Adobe’s learning platform
Project Type
Sales and customer enablement program (game for desktop or mobile)
Adobe Experience League


Adobe Experience League offers customizable learning journeys for Adobe Experience Cloud customers. From vast libraries of instructional content to targeted recommendations and a vibrant community of fellow product users, this go-to destination helps customers get more value from their Adobe investments. 

Adobe wanted to encourage Experience Cloud sales reps to spend time on the Experience League website, partly to deepen their own product knowledge and partly so they could point customers to the helpful resources available there.


To support this goal, we developed an interactive “Plinko”-style game. Participants answered a series of questions surrounding new training content. With each correct answer, they “won” a digital Plinko ball — and a chance to win a prize. The goal: help trainees master essential Experience League content in a fun, engaging format. 

What started as an internal tool quickly evolved into a customer-facing program. On the heels of the game’s success and overwhelmingly positive feedback, we worked with our client to find more ways to leverage the interactive experience. 

To build awareness of Experience League with Adobe customers, we reskinned the experience for two live, virtual events: Adobe Summit and Adobe Experience Makers Live. The refreshed games were shared via social media as well as on the event landing pages, engaging attendees before and during these high-profile events. 

Participants read, watched, or engaged with Experience League content for each event and then answered three questions. For each correct answer, they received a digital Plinko ball to “drop.” Balls moved through the game board and landed in specific slots. Where the ball landed determined which prize the player would receive.


Given the popularity and high levels of engagement with the internal version of the Experience League game, Stoke went on to develop an attendee-facing version for Adobe Summit. During Summit, the game was one of the most engaged-with experiences, with hundreds of prizes awarded.

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