Examity Explainer Video

Illustrating Trust, Transparency, and Ease

A creative approach to highlighting Examity’s unique value proposition
Project Type
Animated product marketing video


The Examity team continues to create better automated and live online test proctoring experiences. With secure and encrypted data collection and 24/7 support, Examity is a clear industry leader — but during the pandemic, the demand for online proctoring grew significantly, as virtually all corners of education went remote. 

Recognizing that these proctored tests are often the first — or final — step toward something truly life-changing — such as a degree, certification, or critical career training — Examity wanted to create an explainer video packed with personality and excitement. The Examity team envisioned a short video that would cut through the clutter of traditional online testing and proctoring and stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace.


Stoke proposed an animated short — a fun, colorful explainer video designed to spark interest and encourage target audiences to dive in and learn more. Final illustrations featured diverse test-takers against a familiar backdrop: six multiple-choice “bubbles,” reinforcing Examity’s position in the online test-taking industry.


Stoke’s illustrated explainer video brought Examity’s product benefits to life in a dynamic, easily-to-understand format. Final content was shared via Examity-owned platforms, including web and social media.

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