FranklinCovey Rebrand

A bold new direction for a leader in change.

Burdened by an outdated brand, this innovator needed to evolve.
Project Type
Visual identity, message framework, and website renovation


Reinvigorate the FranklinCovey brand to inspire a new generation of business leaders. Position the company as the world’s most trusted leadership company.

FranklinCovey, a global leader in the field of leadership and organizational change, had a forward-thinking, tech-savvy business model. But the company’s visual identity was firmly rooted in the 1990s, and their messaging was jargony and overly complex.


Design a visual identity that reflects FranklinCovey’s purpose. Combine it with clear messaging that unfolds step-by-step as customers engage more deeply with the brand.

FranklinCovey’s leadership team partnered with Stoke to create a fresh new brand that shows the company is relevant today and inspires people to learn more about it. 

We started by working with the new CEO, Paul Walker, and other senior leaders to craft a clear, compelling message framework. Then, through a highly collaborative process, Stoke’s design team developed and refined a new visual identity that includes a logomark, a logotype, and a collection of fonts and color palettes.

Stoke also designed and built a new website that brings the new brand to life. The website features black-and-white hero portraits that subtly convey what FranklinCovey is all about: helping people and organizations achieve greatness.

“As we went through the rebranding process, I was excited the entire time.”
Jennifer Colosimo, President of the Enterprise Division


Worldwide response to the internal rollout has been overwhelmingly positive.

The company’s new visual identity was first unveiled to almost 1,000 employees and partners during a January 2022 internal meeting. Before the meeting, each participant received a crisp white box containing branded merchandise and messaging cards to help everyone master the new “Brand Constitution.”

During the virtual launch meeting, the Zoom chat pod was flooded with enthusiastic comments from employees and partners. “This is WORLD CLASS!!” wrote one participant.

Watch Adam Scorey open his branding kit in this unboxing video.

“There was a buzz of excitement. Look at this…even Apple would be jealous of the quality of this box.”
Adam Scorey, FranklinCovey European Head of Marketing, on receiving the new corporate branding kit
“Thanks to the great work of this team, we have an overall corporate visual identity that matches our message — and it looks great.”
Paul Walker, CEO, FranklinCovey
Online engagement
Since the new FranklinCovey website launched in January 2022, engagement has increased dramatically — the number of sales leads the site is generating has almost doubled.


“Our visual brand, the look and feel, will continue to transform and evolve as we grow. But it’s safe to say that our look has finally caught up with our business.”
Matt Murdoch, VP of Marketing, Enterprise Division
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