Micro Focus

Product Demo Strategy, UX Design, Video, Execution



Animated Video


Micro Focus


Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Video Production

01 The Results

A web demo and four visually powerful videos were launched at the annual sales conference where salespeople clamored for access to the video and demo tools. Customers were able to visualize the solution and hear the sales pitches within two weeks of release.

02 The Challenge

Stoke’s creative team storyboarded each video, working closely with a lead analyst. Our team made sure that animation, motion graphics, and design elements were exactly aligned with Micro Focus standards. Stoke’s web developers labored to ensure exactness for the web demo, producing visualized statistical analyses with stunning results.
So, how do you take the abstract and make it compelling, exciting, and simple? Stoke had the answer.

02 The Challenge

Stoke and Micro Focus ideated the delivery of a set of four animated videos and an interactive web demo. This would provide a clear vision for Digital Safe’s capabilities, along with a dynamic roadmap. All of this was done within stringent timelines with close collaboration to ensure that expectations and deliverables were aligned.

03 The Solution

Stoke collaborated closely with the innovative product team at Micro Focus. The thinking and cooperation that came out of that equal partnership are what made the project so successful.

Our creative team put together storyboards for each video, aligning animation and motion graphics elements with Micro Focus brand standards and style guidelines. 

Micro Focus has received positive feedback as they have shared the demo and videos, and corporate marketing has adopted the messaging for their use.