Webinar Program

A highly competitive revenue stream — completely from scratch.

RingCentral was ready to take their business to the next level with a new revenue stream. Stoke designed and launched a webinar program in order to target high-quality prospects for their most important product verticals.
Project Type
Digital strategy, event design and management, content creation, and video design


In 2023, RingCentral was looking to diversify their content channels, especially as a way of finding and retaining high-yield prospective customers. After extensive industry research, they decided a webinar program, both in-house and in partnership with outside vendors, would do the trick. The only problem? It didn’t exist. (Yet.)


Stoke and RingCentral collaborated to create a two-pronged webinar program: one portion would focus exclusively on original in-house content and delivered to sales prospects gathered from other revenue streams; the other would create both original content and repurpose previously developed content and host it on third-party platforms with high-level industry vendors.

In addition to creating original webinar content, Stoke also

  • Designed and executed pre- and post-event promotional campaigns for email, dedicated sales teams, and social media
  • Fostered relationships with external subject matter experts and industry leaders
  • Managed vendor relationships and negotiated contract deals with third-party sponsors


RingCentral’s new webinar program exceeded expectations, and by the end of the year, the program was the second-highest revenue stream company-wide, despite its recent introduction. Pipeline profit soared past seven figures and the strategy development for both first and third-party content helped prepare the way for RingCentral’s biggest event in its history.




of total pipeline revenue

$2.5 million

in pipeline profit

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