Stoke Holiday Card 2020

Sending Love and Light

This animated holiday card shared special messages, directly from our team members

Project Type
Award-winning animated video


As 2020 wrapped, the Stoke team wanted to bring some happiness and light to a particularly challenging year. Over the past nine months, our teams, clients, and partners had worked through COVID-19, reimagining how we lived, worked, and collaborated. For many, it was a struggle. But the holidays presented a unique opportunity to focus on the good — on the peace, happiness, and hopes for the new year.


As we reflected internally, we kept returning to the specific people, places, and experiences that brought us joy in 2020. Despite the pandemic, there were so many moments of light — and we wanted to bring those moments forward in our video card. 

The final piece incorporated photos and videos from our team, custom illustrations, animations, and an acoustic soundtrack that conveyed the right mood (quiet, reflective, and hopeful). From basking in the sunshine with loved ones to creating beautiful music and works of art to passing on traditions and welcoming new members to the family, we reflected on the simple pleasures — including working with amazing clients and partners throughout it all.


The video card was housed within a custom landing page and shared via email and social media — and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. “That was the sweetest holiday ‘card’ I’ve ever seen,” wrote one recipient. “It left me grinning from ear to ear seeing some of the special moments of the year from the Stoke team.” Another wrote, “This was so cool. We’re going to shamelessly copy you!”

The video card was named a Hermes Creative Awards 2021 Platinum Winner, to help viewers understand and apply in the E-Card Category.
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