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Animated Video Can Help Customers Visualize What Your Product Will Do Next

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Article Highlights:

As the Micro Focus team looked to the future of its information risk-management solution, they saw many ways that the product could evolve. But they needed a tangible representation of those possibilities to use in sales. This article will show…

  1. The unique challenges Micro Focus faced in translating possibilities into engaging insights
  2. How Stoke collaborated with Micro Focus to create animated videos that visualize tech concepts
  3. The resulting success of these videos in helping Micro Focus achieve its sales goals

In 2009, Tesla unveiled the Model S show car, a sleek sedan with enough battery power to cover a range of 300 miles. The catch? The car didn’t actually exist…yet. 

The Model S was Tesla’s concept car, a way to show prospective investors and buyers what could be possible with the right funding, tech developments, and innovation. 

This year, Micro Focus asked Stoke to be a partner in creating its own version of a concept car — visual concepts of the possibilities of their future information-risk management solution, Digital Safe. 

As the Micro Focus team looked to the future of Digital Safe, they saw many ways that, with new technology, the product could evolve. But they needed a tangible representation of those possibilities to use in sales. 

“This was a unique challenge, because we weren’t designing a typical prototype for a client. We had to discover the best way to demonstrate a technology that doesn’t exist yet,” says Stoke creative director Brian Barrus. 

Micro Focus asked Stoke for three sets of design deliverables, all of which could be used by sales reps and executives to demonstrate Digital Safe’s potential capabilities. Our team designed:

  1. An interactive web page demo
  2. A video overview that gives a high-level understanding of how Digital Safe tools would work together
  3. Three feature videos that cover the product’s main capabilities — the public cloud, connectors in the Digital Safe archive, and archive analytics — in greater detail

“A project like this required close collaboration between Stoke and Micro Focus to first understand their vision, and then try and translate what could be seen as obscure and dense concepts into something that anyone could understand and get excited about,” Brian says. 

Stoke designers put together storyboards for each video, aligning animation and motion-graphics elements with Micro Focus brand standards and style guidelines. 

Working with the Micro Focus team, our designers refined each storyboard and interactive web page to create visual representations that accurately depicted the potential of Digital Safe’s future technology.

The key to success really was the open collaboration between the innovators at Micro Focus and the creatives at Stoke. The end designs were great, but the thinking and cooperation that went into those designs was even better. 

“It can be scary to enter a project where you are so reliant on your client to be successful. You can’t just be creative on your own and make things work. But this was such an equal partnership, and the Micro Focus team was right there with us the entire way,” Brian says. 

Micro Focus has been sharing and evaluating the demo and videos internally and received extremely positive feedback. They have begun sharing the demo with a variety of external audiences, and corporate marketing has even pulled messaging from the project for re-use. 

“I’m amazed that we pulled this off together,” says Anne Vincenti, director of product management at Micro Focus. “I’m super appreciative of the Stoke team making it happen with us.”

Watch the completed videos below:

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