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Give Your Customers a Smart Start With Animations That Highlight Value

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Article Highlights:

Adobe partnered with Stoke to help enterprise customers get more value from their marketing technology. In this article you’ll see how:

  1. Stoke collaborated with Adobe to guide learning through eye-catching video
  2. A strategic approach to storytelling translated difficult concepts into easy actions
  3. Adobe and Stoke have expanded this project to a worldwide audience

Enterprise customers make huge investments in marketing technology, but it’s easy for their employee end-users to simply gloss the surface of a product’s capabilities. This leaves them feeling overwhelmed and that the technology investments they’ve made aren’t paying off as expected. 

Adobe set out to change this problem, and they asked Stoke for help. 

Getting from purchase to value

Adobe created Experience League to support Adobe Experience Cloud customers and help them get the most from their product investment. Using guided learning, a community network, and access to experts, this online Experience Learning community is designed to help customers quickly get from purchase to value. 

To promote Experience League, Adobe planned an installation at the Adobe Summit 2019 Community Pavilion. They needed 14 eye-catching videos to attract attendees, highlight all the benefits of Experience League, and provide insights into quick value for each Adobe product. 

This task presented Stoke’s creative team with some unique challenges and specific needs: First of all, the video would be playing in a location with a lot of distractions and competing displays. Not only this, but there would be no audio, and the content needed to be short enough to deliver a valuable message before the viewer moved on to the next booth. The on-screen text would also need to be limited so that focus could remain on fast-paced visuals of the software UI.  To make matters worse, the initial videos needed to be delivered in a vertical format — even though the featured product UI screens were horizontal — to fit the installation’s monitors. Then, they would need to be horizontally formatted for extended online use after Summit. 

And the deadline for delivery was tight and non-negotiable. 

A strategic approach to storytelling

Our strategy centered around three goals for each video:

  1. Attract customers to the Experience League installation.
  2. Demonstrate how Adobe solutions can quickly deliver value. 
  3. Inspire viewers to request a product demo or tutorial in the Experience League booth. 

As we began work on the video scripts, Stoke collaborated with eight different Adobe product marketing managers to understand the key use-cases and features of each solution. 

Each “Smart Start” video walked customers through targeted how-tos related to the Adobe product. Viewers could easily follow along and learn skills in the product interface. They also saw how those skills would add value to their business, and could walk away with enough knowledge to start replicating similar processes in their own organizations.

The Stoke creative team used a variety of elements to tell each product story within the Adobe Experience Cloud branding. Animation, graphics, product UI, live-action footage, and minimal on-screen text helped audiences engage with the content and understand its messages. 

Expanding to a global reach 

The completed 14 vertical videos played at the Experience League installation throughout Adobe Summit 2019. Horizontal versions of each video were simultaneously posted on the Experience League website. 

Based on positive customer feedback, the Smart Start video series has continued to evolve for use with Adobe customer success programs around the globe. 

The original video set has been translated into seven languages, and the UI animations have been localized. These videos are reaching thousands of people at Adobe events, conferences, and programs. They have become a reliable tool for engaging and activating new customers. 

When new users log into their Adobe account, they are immediately directed to Smart Start content. They can see what is really possible with their Adobe products, take immediate action, and notice instant value from their investments. 

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