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PRESS RELEASE: Stoke Acquires Creative Agency Studio Element

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The Stoke content marketing agency expands services to integrate strategy, story, and creative design into a single practice.

PROVO, Utah. Oct. 1, 2017. Content consumers engage with, share, and recall information more when it is visual, underscoring the need brands have for design in their content strategy.

Stoke, a content marketing agency, acquired the Studio Element design firm and now has full access to and management of an award-winning creative team.

“We’ve had a long-standing relationship with Studio Element, and believe this merger will enhance the experience of our clients who engage with us for both story and design content,” said David Acheson, managing director of Stoke.

Laurie Lohner, managing partner at Stoke also sees the benefits. She said, “Visual elements are a critical part of every content strategy—particularly in a world with so many messages competing for people’s attention. Design also boosts content success in every channel, whether blogs, social media, websites, or email.”

New integrated design capabilities for Stoke include custom images and illustrations; scripting, producing and editing animated and live video; layout for digital or print assets; and building interactive elements for online use. Both agencies will continue to provide service to their existing clients while promoting the story and design synergies of the new agency.

“We’re looking forward to working with clients from inside of Stoke,” said Brian Barrus, Studio Element founder and now creative director for Stoke. “Ensuring that design is part of the content strategy from the beginning will help our creative team play a better role in shaping and evolving our customers’ brands in positive ways.”

As part of the acquisition, Stoke is assuming an office space lease and will now house its agency headquarters at 77 East Center St. in Downtown Provo.

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