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The Secret to Producing Content at Scale

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Working with a content agency gives you the ability to continually scale content production with your growing business. Read on to learn more about Stoke’s approach to scalability, including:

  1. Using an editorial strategist
  2. How an editorial strategist will work with your organization
  3. Why this approach allows Stoke to scale up and down with ease

As your organization grows, so does your need for content. Unfortunately, your headcount to produce that content doesn’t grow, and relying on internal contributors is spotty at best. To get the amount of quality content you need, you’ll need to outsource. Managing freelancers won’t free up your time, but working with a content agency should make your job easier as long as the proper system is in place. Still, to continually scale content production with your growing business and a growing demand, you can find yourself, and your content, in chaos.

At Stoke, we’ve developed a system that solves this problem. It allows us to grow with you and produce whatever amount of content is necessary to fit your needs at any given moment. Our secret? The editorial strategist.

What is an editorial strategist?

An editorial strategist is a communications professional who specializes in content strategy and production. Because of their versatile role, our editorial strategists have a breadth of knowledge on a range of marketing and creative topics — from writing and editing, to social media production, to design.

How does an editorial strategist work with my organization?

When an editorial strategist is assigned to your team, they will begin by familiarizing themselves with your business, your messaging priorities, and your content goals. They will work with you to develop a content strategy that helps you meet your business objectives, and pitch ideas for specific assets that they feel will best propel your strategy. They’ll also establish an editorial calendar to help you meet deadlines and maintain a consistent content flow.

The editorial strategist will then take the plan you developed together and coordinate your agency team to make those ideas a reality. They will work with writers to craft blog posts, with designers to create videos, infographics, and other visual assets, and with your social media managers to share all the amazing things you produce online.

They’ll work with you through content review and editing to make sure each piece exceeds your expectations.

Why does using an editorial strategist allow content to be produced at scale?

An editorial strategist operates as a single source of contact, knowledge, and quality control throughout the entire content creation process.

So, if you need three writers creating your content one week and six writers the next, the editorial strategist is able to coordinate with them with ease, providing the relevant information and keeping messaging on point. You don’t have to worry about educating three more individuals on every aspect of your business in crunch time. You’ve already built a relationship with your editorial strategist, and they can take it from there. Scaling becomes simple.

Get started with Stoke

Editorial strategists cut down on creative chaos. You always know who to go to with questions, concerns, or updates. Let us help you create content at scale by introducing you to one of our editorial strategists today.

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