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We’re Stoked to Know Ruby Tugade

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Article Highlights:

Get to know Stoke Senior Director of Sales, Ruby Tugade. In this article you’ll discover:

  1. Why Ruby chose to work with Stoke and how she’ll support our clients
  2. How her diverse career path led her to business development
  3. Lessons learned from working with storytelling expert Francis Ford Coppola
  4. Ruby’s podcast recommendations

The Stoke Group is growing, and we want you to get to know the amazing and talented individuals that collectively create success for our clients. 

Meet Ruby Tugade, senior director of sales at Stoke. Ruby gets passionate about helping businesses succeed — from Fortune 500 companies to innovative startups. She’s done this as a storytelling expert in the film industry and in business development roles. Ruby knows what it takes to create emotional connections that spur customers to action. 

In her role with Stoke, Ruby is a critical bridge between the agency and our clients, understanding and addressing evolving needs and recommending solutions. We know she’ll have a significant impact on the success we deliver for our clients. 

Here’s what Ruby has to say about joining Stoke.

What makes you passionate about working with Stoke?

I took my time looking for the right agency and Stoke stood out to me because not only is everyone intelligent and hardworking and creative, but most of all there is a critical combination of kindness and ambition. I think that’s a rarity, especially in agency life.

Your career path has led you across industries. How did your experiences prepare you for a job in business development?

I learned that whatever lane you choose to be in, communication is essential. It has to be effective. I started in drama and theatre. Then, I went to feature film and video. After that, I worked at a VR company. Eventually, I began working in agencies. But no matter where I was, the goal was the same: How do we tell an effective and compelling story? And how do we share that widely and easily?

The common thread you’ll find throughout my career is an inclination towards ambitious companies with leaders and visionaries at every level. They have storytelling at the heart of what they do. That’s definitely true at Stoke.

You’ve worked closely with one of the pre-eminent storytellers, Francis Ford Coppola. What did you learn from him about storytelling?

Francis Ford Coppola uses this metaphor that I think sums things up perfectly. 

There are two bricklayers outside of a construction site. A person goes up to the first bricklayer and asks, “What are you doing?” He responds, “Obviously, I’m laying bricks.” 

Then, the same person goes up to the second bricklayer and asks, “What are you doing?” The second bricklayer responds, “I’m building a cathedral.” 
I use this as a professional philosophy and really a philosophy for my whole life. It’s all about your mentality. Are you simply taking orders or are you building a cathedral? When we work with clients, we need to be able to see the fine-tuned details and the bigger picture. That’s when a story really comes to life.

Where is your home base, and what do you love about living and working there?

I’m a native of San Francisco, and for me, it’s the best city in the world! I can be in a metropolitan area, or in redwood forests, or at the ocean within a 10-mile radius. I get to eat great food and drink great wine. It’s also a very diverse community. And, I love being close to my family and lifelong friends.

What do you enjoy outside of your day job?

I love movies, reading books, and volunteering for Surfrider Foundation with my two rescue dogs! Lately, I’ve really been loving podcasts. I listen to them for guided meditations every day. Some of my other favorites include How I Built This, Fresh Air, TED Radio Hour, and Freakonomics.

Tell us about your work style — what should Stoke clients look forward to?

Stoke clients may look forward to working with a trusted partner, who always looks for the win-win. I’m also very transparent and direct. I will never promote anything that isn’t in the best interest of you, your team, and your business. 

For more information on Ruby’s role at Stoke, read our recent press release and connect with her on Linkedin

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