2019 Stoke Christmas Card

Design / Illustration / Print








01 The Project

Happy Holidays from The Stoke Group! We took the opportunity to not only bring winter cheer to our clients, but also to showcase the unique style of our talented design team.  In this holiday scene, you’ll notice some friendly faces, such as our creative director Brian Barrus peeking out of a gift box, and our managing partner Laurie Lohner playing a toy piano! We wanted to thank our clients for a great year, with our own Stoke Group flair. That’s why our card is an example of isometric design, a fresh take on 3D perspective that is just one of the many design trends we’ve been seeing.

Full front view of Stoke Christmas card showing creative Christmas themed vector art designs representing all Stoke employees
Full back view of Stoke Christmas card showing map correlating vector art people with Stoke employees and their signature and job title
Full front view of the Stoke Christmas card showing all of the vector elements animated for full effect